SACP: Stop dragging MK into factions

South Africa

Johannesburg – The South African Communist Party is calling on ANC structures to stop using the uMkhonto We Sizwe legacy in their factional battles.

But both the MKMVA and the MK National Council has lamented this call by the SACP as dishonest.

The SACP has commemorated the 26th anniversary of the death of its former General-Secretary Joe Slovo, who was also a Commander of the ANC-SACP armed resistance.

The SACP says, as co-founders of uMkhonto We Sizwe, it has the right to call for a ceasefire between rival groups in the name of Joe Slovo.

“If MK was factionalist, we would not be where we are today. None of the names, whether it’s MKMVA or whatever, can be used to pursue narrow factionalist agendas that are dividing the organization,” said SACP Secretary General Blade Nzimande.

Neither MKMVA nor the MK National Council believes  this is a genuine request.

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