SAMA blames Gauteng Health Dept for interns going unpaid at Bara

South Africa

Johannesburg – The South African Medical Association (SAMA) said that the Gauteng Department was lacking in capacity, coordination and implementation and that medical interns were bearing the brunt for the ineptitude.

There has been reports that 10 intern doctors at the Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital had not received a single salary for this year, with the department blaming admin issues.

Staff revealed how they were having to skip meals, with unsympathetic landlords breathing down their necks while they battled to scrounge together money to get to work.

“Once the interns are allocated, firstly there doesn’t seem to be a number of posts matching the number of final year medical students graduating, which is quite incredible, and then they don’t have the salaries a month or two later. Once they are in the post, they’re not getting paid so this thing is a whole systemic,” said SAMA’s Mark Human.

The department has promised to create a post on its inline system by this week and to finally pay the interns.

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