Sizwe Dlomo unfazed by drive time competition


Media personality and businessman Sizwe Dlomo is not bothered by a “battle of the drive-time” slots and is cruising on his drive-time show on Kaya 959.

Taking to Twitter, Sizwe replied to a tweet by a user who said the “real competition” between the slots is about to begin as T-Bo Touch is set to return to his drive-time show after a six-year break.

“Eyo @SizweDhlomo, Tbo Touch’s return to Metro FM 3pm-6pm slot doesn’t give you June-July because the real competition is coming, battle of the drive shows,” tweeted the user.

Following the announcement of the return of T’Bo Touch at Metro FM tweeps have been pitting the two shows against each other because these are the slots that garner attention.

“Hhayi kabi, but I’m really not. I’m not bothered by anyone if I’m being honest. I just do my thing & let others do them. My show rocks, that’s all I care about,” Sizwe wrote.

Another tweep said having Sizwe and T’Bo Touch on the airwaves at the same time was a win-win situation.

“Happy Touch is back, Happy Sizwe is doing well, Happy radio is fun again. Either way, we the people, are the real winners here,” wrote one tweep.

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