Somizi thanks his team for the love


Media personality Somisi Mhlongo has been feeling a little under the weather and what his MojaLove team did for him warmed his heart.

The star took to Instagram to share how he works with the most amazing team.

“It was a good day at the office today … I’m forever thankful for my team. I was sick from yesterday with flu and unfortunately I had to shoot from Monday till today as the shoot could not be moved for context. I was filming the #loveydovey reunion and wedding … but my squad was so behind me all the way … and this is why I don’t work with people based only on their skills. I work with hearts and energies as well. You guys are also full of love and heart. I really enjoyed this season … thanks for the flowers and the hospitality from day one,” he said.

The reality dating and love show had 15 contestants living under one roof, all looking to find love. The winners bagged a wedding of their dreams plus prize money of R500,000.

Actress and presenter Gabi Tshabalala said she enjoyed working with the media personality because she felt she was a younger version of Somizi and they got along like a house on fire.

“I’ve got similarities of his character, I grew up watching him when I started seeing him on idols. I was like this guy says everything I would say … so when I was called by Moja Love to come and work on this show they didn’t tell me I would be working with Somizi. They just said there’s a male presenter. We had a meeting on zoom and met and we were both excited to do the show together. I think we are the perfect match for this show.”

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