Zola Nombona has started a sexy lingerie business


Congratulations are in order to Zola Nombona who has announced her new business on social media.

Zola expressed her joy on Instagram for her dreams coming true after so much hard work, falling, getting back up, fighting and resilience.

She expressed her delight at the prospect of launching her lingerie line for women of all shapes and sizes.

“Ndinyembezana looking at this picture as it means so much to me. It’s a physical manifestation of my dreams, hard work, falling, getting up, fighting and perseverance. This is LOVE. Today I am happy. I can finally introduce you guys to this dream of mine that I have worked so hard to make a reality,” wrote Zola.

“We’re a movement that celebrates bodies in all shapes and sizes while prioritising good quality, great functionality and comfort. Please follow @lxvelove_ ♥️ and spread some LOVE. Your support will be highly appreciated ♥️Get ready to shop with us 💃🏿🎊 Tomorrow at 8am we launch our website and go live with @lxvelove_ sales.”

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