Stage 1 loadshedding ends but Eskom says risk remains high for Friday

South Africa

Eskom confirmed that stage 1 load shedding has ended but added that the risk for more load shedding on Friday still remained high.

Earlier, Eskom has announced that it was implementing stage 1 rotational load shedding from 12pm until 10pm.

This was due to “increased generation plant being out for planned maintenance and unplanned outages”.

The load shedding requires 1000MW to be load shed across the country. Eskom confirmed that load shedding had ended by 9pm, an hour earlier than expected.

“The risk of Stage 1 load shedding remains high for tomorrow [Friday]. This is as a result of generation plant being out for planned maintenance and a higher than expected number of units (approximately 9000 MW) on unplanned maintenance due to technical faults.

“In addition, Cahora Bassa hydropower plant is supplying 700 MW less to the grid as a result of a damaged transmission line, which occurred late on Wednesday.

Eslom said if outages went on for longer periods than  had been announced, they should contact their local supplier as this may be a localised power outage. It additionally thanked citizens for using electricity sparingly and industrial customers for their participation in load curtailment on Thursday.

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