Standard Bank’s new insurance app to reward good driving


Standard Insurance has announced the launch of its insurance app.

Nolwandle Mqoqi-Mbalo, the head of Insurance South Africa at Standard Bank, said the app made car insurance services available to a new generation of consumers, 24/7, via a smart phone.

“This app allows one to get quotes, take out policies, view their insurance portfolio, and register claims all in one place. No more lengthy phone calls or inconvenient processes, as you are always in control,” Mqoqi-Mbalo said.

The app has a range of features aimed at rewarding the user for good driving and making insurance easier through a built-in driving test feature that digitally scores one’s driving behaviour for the first 300km and 25 trips; getting a quote and taking out insurance on the app; up to 30% discount on one’s car insurance premium with the qualifying discount being valid for a full year; submitting a claim, and; the ability to monitor and improve one’s driving behaviour on the app.

The insurance offer underpinning the app also included optional features line new-for-old vehicle replacement cover and a cash-back benefit. The entirely digital nature of the app also meant that the insurance offer could be delivered at a discount to anyone looking for more value from their insurance, Standard Insurance said.

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