Tanzania’s ex-leader Mkapa to be buried in home time


Tanzania – Former Tanzanian President Benjamin Mkapa will be buried later on Wednesday at his home village in southern Tanzania.

Mkapa died of cardiac arrest, not Covid-19 as earlier reported, in the early hours of Friday, his family said.

Some Tanzanians believe Mkapa will be remembered as the founder of a modern Tanzania, because of the long list of national institutions launched during his presidency – which include the country’s revenue authority to the anti-corruption bureau.

Mkapa was the first Tanzanian leader to rise to power through multiparty elections in 1995.

After handing over the presidency to President Jakaya Kikwete in 2005, he went on to start a non-profit organisation which leads efforts to fight HIV/AIDS in the country.

The late president will also be remembered for his involvement in a number of United Nations bodies and initiatives, as well as efforts to resolve conflict and preserve stability across the region.



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