Taraji P Henson tackles mental health & being ‘culturally competent’


American actress Taraji P. Henson is currently in South Africa for her second BLACKEmpirement/Taraji in Jozi tour.


Taraji P Henson. Picture: Dimpho Maja/ANA


Addressing the media at a press conference hosted by Fox on Tuesday in Sandton, the “Empire” star spoke about the spoke mental health, her doll selling out and why she loves South Africa.
Henson  said she has brought her family along this time, and cannot wait to show them the historical Soweto township. The Golden Globe winner will be spending a week in the country.
Among other things,  Henson  touched on The Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation, which she recently launched in honour of her late father, Boris Lawrence Henson, who passed away in 2006. 
“The foundation was born out of necessity, as an honour of my father … He struggled with mental health.  He taught me to walk and live in my truth.”
She also spoke about being “culturally competent” when dealing with anxiety and depression, especially in black communities, where mental health is still taboo.
“Me and my son have suffered a couple of traumatic experience in our lives, and when it came time to get help, there was no help that looked that looked like us, especially for my son, becoming the black man whose father was murdered and his grandfather died two years after that … he wasn’t comfortable enough because the person on the opposite side of the sofa, didn’t look like him. This is not about race, you just need to be culturally competent”.

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