This is the difference between luggage handlers at Manchester and South African airports


If  you missed the video  that went viral of a Lanseria baggage handler who takes great pride in his work, the plot has taken a 360 turn as UK staff have been caught doing the exact opposite.

In the video below, posted to instagram by ladbible, the caption reads, “Difference in baggage handlers in South Africa and Manchester UK.”

It shows two very different video clips. The first is of Ephraim Sibeko, who takes every single piece of luggage that rolls past him on the carousel at Lanseria International Airport and carefully maneuvers it to be right side up with the handle pointing outward. See News24’s original post that went viral here.

And then the second clip shows a baggage handler who really couldn’t be bothered about the bags he is working with.

The Independent reports the video went viral last week, after the “Swissport baggage handler threw cases from a recently arrived Ryanair plane from Malaga onto a baggage cart”. Part of the cart was not secure and as a result the bags  landed up on the runway apron, as another baggage handler stood idly by, just watching the debacle unfold.

The report quotes a Swissport statement on the matter saying the company was “disappointed by the video footage”, calling it an “isolated incident”. It has since promised “to remind all staff of our duty of care with passengers’ belongings”.



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