TRAVEL – Best beaches to visit in Algeria


Coupled with the hot temperature from the equator, Algeria is an interesting spot to find a beach and cool down. The best part is that there is not just one beach- there are many across the coast of the North African nation.

From Béjaïa to Oran, there are different beaches that present a beautiful view of the North African coast, as well as the ports that are used for the country’s maritime businesses.  Here’s a list of some of the best beaches to visit in Algeria


Considered the second busiest city after Algeria’s capital of Algier – Oran is a port town that is renown for its vibrant culture, history and its beach.

Located west of central Oran is Madagh Beach, a secluded beach that some consider a palazzo by its visitors, who upon entry to the beach , are greeted by a multitude of bright tents and umbrellas that look over the Alborran trees.

Another port town in Algeria is the town of Béjaïa, which is located on the Mediterranean coast. This town always has something to offer its visitors – from their famous delicacies, to its rich cultures or fun activities, there is always something to do in Béjaïa.

A popular destination, Béjaïa has three beaches which draw hundreds of visitors to its shores almost all-year round. The Sidi Abdelkader beach, the Sahel beach and Les Aiguades beach are each beautiful locations to bask under the sun or play in the Mediterranean Sea.

Marsa Ben M’Hidi

A simple town in the province of Tlemcem, Marsa Ben M’Hidi is a beautiful beach that also has a marina and a small fishing port.

The beach is near Wadi Kiss, a border which separates Algeria from Morocco.

Guests who visitat the Marsa Ben M’Hidi beach or stay at some of the beachside hotels are treated to an untouched view of the sea and the hill of Sidi Allouch.

Further east is the famous beach of Moscada, another beach that quite popular among Algeria’s residents and visitors, especially during the spring and summer seasons.


The town of Zéralda is a simple town located not too far away from the capital of algier.

The beaches over in Zéralda that entertain the residents and day visitors include the Sables beach and Le Azur plage (which loosely translates to ‘The Blue Beach’).

Ziama Mansouriah

The town of Ziama Mansouriah holds some of Algeria’s history involving the Roman’s occupation of some of their land, during the ancient times – when the town was called Cova and was part of the Roman province of Mauretania Sitifensis.

The town has two main beaches which are approximately twelve kilometres apart from each other: Le Rouge Plage (‘The Red Beach’) and the Afaghir beach.


The urban town of Tichy, located in the northern part of Béjaïa, is quaint town which boasts four large beaches across its coastline.

The four beaches are: Plage du Centre Ville, Plage Les Hammadite, Plage du Stade and Plage du Rochers.



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