IN MEMES | #DMF bachelor wants a ‘moderately pretty woman’


Sunday night’sΒ Date My FamilyΒ had a different feel for tweeps this week thanks to the 44-year-old bachelor, Zigidi Nene, whose beauty standards and fridge stole most of the attention.

Tweeps could not deny that Zigidi seemed like a nice man and even though many wondered why he was on the show at his “very ripe” age, his explanation gave them peace of mind.

Zigidi explained that he focused on getting his career off the ground and supporting his family, which often caused conflicts and resulted in his previous relations not working out.

While fans understood his reasons, they still had a blast making fun of his “fridge” situation (he said it only has water, onion and milk in it most times) and his request for a moderately pretty woman.

Zigidi explained that he wanted a woman that is not too pretty that he has to worry about people snatching her away, but also not so ugly that he constantly has to explain that she has inner beauty.

Tweeps had the memes.


Date My Family participants Zigidi and Dudu seem to have found their way back to each other.
Image: Facebook/Dudu


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