WATCH | ‘Sexy’ teacher trending for outfits wants to be left alone


Lulu Menziwa, a school teacher who has been trending for her looks and dress code, has asked to be left alone.

Menziwa dominated the Twitter trends last week, when tweep Lufuno Mathoni posted pictures of the teacher in a post in which he tagged Gauteng education MEC Panyaza Lesufi.

Mathoni said in his post that Menziwa’s employment by the department made it hard for the kids to pass.


School teacher Lulu Menziwa, who trended for her dress code, has asked critics to leave her alone.
Image: Lufuno Mathoni on Twitter


Twitter users quickly joined in by sharing their thoughts, with some slamming Mathoni for reducing the teacher to her looks and objectifying her, while others commented on the teacher’s dress code, describing it as “inappropriate.

“While Lesufi has not responded, Menziwa further trended as she posted a video via Instagram in which she asked to be left alone.

This time around, Menziwa was not trending for her looks and dress code. but for her command of the English language and even her accent.

In the video, Menziwa can be heard speaking in Isizulu: “They are busy hiding behind their profiles, they are so ugly, so nje you, you must stop this what you’re doing.”

She added: I know now I’m famous, everyone knows me, I’m all over the social networks, on radio stations they are talking about me.”

Addressing her sexual appeal, Menziwa told her critics that she teaches young boys who are not “perverted”.

“I’m sick and tired of you. Stop taking pictures [of me] that are trending on social media, stop screen grabbing and sending to me. Please read it for yourselves.”

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