What you need to know to make the most of the Mzansi T20 League


The Mzansi T20 Super League is days away, and if you’re planning to head down to PPC Newlands for some cricket action, here’s what you need to know to ensure you make the most of your experience.


Let’s be honest, traffic is a nightmare coming to Newlands from all sides of Cape Town on match day, so make sure you leave home or the office early enough to beat gridlock on the roads. Carpools also work well, adds to the gees and reduces the amount of cars on the road.

Where to park

Parking at the stadium works on a first come first serve basis – parking bays are limited so don’t waste any time. Alternatively, if you’re too late to park inside, there are plenty of spots nearby on school or community fields, which often come at a nominal cost, and on-street parking works very well too.  But be sure to arrive early.


And if you’re parking on street and fear your vehicle might not be safe while you’re enjoying the game, know that it will be. Law enforcement officers will be visible in the vicinity throughout the tournament.

Newlands public bars go cashless

Waiting in long queues at public bars are a thing of the past. Now spectators can enjoy maximum game time as PPC Newlands adopts a cashless process that uses Howler Loaded NFC cards to buy drinks during the game. While the current token system is considered cashless too, the cashless card option is digitised, up-to-date, and seeks to optimise the process further.

PPC Newlands will pilot the cashless process for the next 12-months, making it the first stadium in the country to go cashless.

Snack before match time

There are many perks to arriving at PPC Newlands a few hours early. The area is not short of cafés, ice cream parlours and coffee shops, which mean you have enough time to sit back, relax and enjoy some downtime before.



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