Yizo Yizo star opens up about drug addiction


Actor Innocent Masuku, popular for playing Bobo in the critically-acclaimed Yizo Yizo opens up about his battle with drug addiction and how it deterred him from reaching his full potential.

Masuku warns the youth to be careful of the choices they make. “Time flies and the choices you make can cost you in life.”

The actor revealed that when he first got into the industry “he got tempted”.

Sharing his story he said: “I got involved in drugs and I regret that I lost so many opportunities. I lost so many good things.

“I can never get back that time and it feels bad. This thing still hurts me to this day but I’m one of the lucky few to have survived”.

The former Yizo Yizo star, who said he’s been clean for five years now, lost many opportunities because of his addiction and reflects on what he could have become.

He advised those who are in a similar situation as him not to get discouraged as there’s always a second chance.

“If you have a problem, come forward, and let’s help each other. Even if you can go to rehab, it won’t be able to fully help you if you are personally not ready.

“I know change is pain but change starts with you,” he added.


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