Zambia’s Top Model, Christina, Launches Her Own Makeup Line (FEATURE)


Christina, popularly known as simply Tintin, just did the unexpected. She just launched her own makeup line! We got in touch with her to get the answers we know most of you might also be longing for:

Q. Who is this brand meant for?
A. The Tinted by Tintin makeup brand is meant for the confident woman. A woman whose life is not perfect but can beam with confidence because she wears the perfect lipstick. It’s a people’s brand.

Q. What products are under the brand?
A. We have a whole range of cosmetics, from lipsticks to eyeshadow and everything in between. We would like to clear things – it’s not a lipstick line. It’s a makeup line, so we deal with all things makeup.

Christina holding one of her products

Q. How do people access the products?
A. For Lusaka our products can be purchased from Afropologie Salon in Woodlands and Senses Spa in Rhodespark or the Adler Online Stores on Facebook.
For the Copperbelt, we have two distributors. For Ndola, we have Hallima, they can reach her on 0976133784 or Instagram @hallima_nanavata. For Kitwe, we have Mwandwe who can be reached on 0974476644 or Instagram @ladyofasaph.

Q. Are you working alone?
A. I have a business partner who prefers to stay anonymous, but she’s been an amazing partner and an even better friend.

Q. What do you want people to know about the product?
A. We would like people to know that this is a people’s brand and that we will continue to strive to sell perfection. We are working with the best in the cosmetics industry to ensure that we have products that speak for themselves.

Q. What inspired you to launch this and what are you hoping to achieve?
A. I’ve always had this dream of owning my own brand and I started working on it about 2 years ago. My desire is to put my country on the global map as much as possible. Zambia is full of talent and the world needs to know that.



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