ZIMBABWE – Chamisa’s ‘inauguration’ postponed following police ban


Zimbabwean opposition leader, Nelson Chamisa has postponed his ‘inauguration’ following a police ban.

Zimbabwean police have blocked the main opposition Movement for Democratic Change party from holding its 19th anniversary celebrations this Saturday due to a cholera outbreak that authorities say has claimed at least 25 lives in the southern African country.

The outbreak was initially detected in the capital Harare, authorities said the disease was spreading fast to other parts of the troubled nation.

Despite having permitted the event in which the MDC was reportedly planning a mock inauguration of its leader Nelson Chamisa who claimed victory in the July 30 polls controversially won by President Emmerson Mnangagwa of the ruling Zanu PF party, police disregarded their initial agreement on Wednesday evening and went ahead and banned the planned celebrations.

“Considering the magnitude of people that will be flocking from all over Zimbabwe on your anniversary celebration day, it is not advisable for thousands of people to gather in an area where there is an outbreak of a contagious disease. Meanwhile, the intended celebration is not sanctioned,” police said in a letter to the MDC.

Authorities in Zimbabwe have declared a state of emergency in the capital Harare following the cholera outbreak that has more than 3 000 people being infected with the disease. On the other hand, the MDC was quick to point fingers at Mnangagwa’s administration by accusing it of using the cholera outbreak as a cover-up to ban its activities following the disputed elections.


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