Zim woman escapes ill-fated Ethiopian flight


But Chataurwa, who was set to attend a United Nations humanitarian conference in the Kenyan capital, said she rescheduled her flight and opted for another one at 11am.

In an emotional and thankful post on her Facebook page, Chataurwa said “she saw God’s hand” after changing her flight.

“Dear friends and family, today I have seen God’s hand in my life. I was booked on the ET flight that crashed from Addis Ababa to Nairobi. I thank God I changed my flight to the 11am one. I am alive and safe. Counting my blessings double,” her post read.

The post attracted thousands of comments from workmates, colleagues and relatives.

Efforts to get her to shed more light on why she re-scheduled her flight were in vain.

She did not respond to inquiries on Facebook Messenger.

Like her Shona name Munatsirei means “do good to her”, indeed God did good to her and saved her from the crash.

Source – NewsDay

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