Zondo admits so-called Gupta emails as evidence

South Africa

The chairperson of the commission of inquiry into state capture – Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, has ruled that the Gupta emails that were leaked to the media and subsequently blew the lid on state capture will be admissible as evidence.

Zondo made the ruling on Friday, that data – emails were found on the original hard drive and the data that was forensically imaged on to two other hard drives may be used as evidence at the commission.

However, nobody outside of the commission will be given have access to either of the hard drives until it is presented by the commission’s legal team at a public hearing of the commission.

Zondo further said that should any specific person wishing access the hard drives at any time would first  have to seek the commission’s permission.

On Thursday and Friday, the commission heard the application to admit the so-called Gupta emails as evidence. The evidence is in the form of data on hard drives, said the commission’s head of legal Paul Pretorius.

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