All-female crew flies A330 to Frankfurt


AN ALL-FEMALE crew flew the Air Namibia flight to Frankfurt in Germany for the first time last Friday.

Andreas Guibeb who is Namibia’s ambassador to Germany posted the feat on his Facebook page on Friday when he joined other Namibians in congratulating the women for their hard work.

The crew consisted of Captain Cornerlia Hahn, the airline’s first female captain for the Airbus A330. The first officers were Carol Hein and Eunice de Groot. Nine other women made up the cabin crew for the Frankfurt flight.

In a press statement yesterday, Air Namibia spokesperson Paul Nakawa described the feat as a “first for Namibia”.

The airline’s acting managing director Mandi Samson was quoted in a media statement, congratulating the crew while reiterating the airline’s “commitment to gender equality” within the aviation sector.

“Women, in general, face various challenges due to stereotypes that suppress and obstruct their potential, which in the end may result in setbacks to the effective growth of the industry,” said Samson.


All-female crew flies A330 to Frankfurt

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