Sun City damage could amount to millions


Sun International has disclosed that the damage to its Sun City resort in the North West, following a massive storm over the weekend, could amount to millions of rands.

Emergency services are still trying to assess the extent of the damage after at least 200 rooms in the different hotels were flooded.

Affected guests have been requested to return home, while the clean up process is underway.

“We haven’t been able to do all the quantification but we think it is way high in the R50 million range because ceilings, infrastructure, bedrooms that have been damaged throughout the four hotels. This is excluding the damage to the golf course and the equipment. We have adequate drainage and structures around the out buildings, but the amount of hail that came through – a lot of it was knee high in about 30 minutes. I can say that today, we are almost there, almost ready to get back into normal operations and the guests arriving have been complimentary,” says Sun City’s COO, Thabo Mosololi.


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