Breakdancing could be included at 2024 Olympics


Breakdancers could get an opportunity to represent their country at the Olympic Games.

The dancing code — along with surfing, climbing and skateboarding — will be presented to the International Olympic Committee for consideration for the 2024 Olympic Games.

Breakdance instructor Nathan Lodewyk said the opportunity to present before the committee should encourage other dancers moving forward.

“It should encourage people because I believe there’s B-Boys that came way before my time, the likes of Black Noise, Prophets of the City, and also some B-Boys overseas.

“I know they’ve been fighting for this long and hard. So what the guys is doing at the back as well and there’s also others like Hilderwood Project, they also out there teaching youngsters the art of breaking,” said Lodewyk.

A final decision by the IOC is only expected to be made by December 2020.

Source – eNCA

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