Cape Town International Airport set for massive upgrades

Mayco Member for Economic Opportunities and Asset Management, James Vos delivered a speech the FEDHASA Networking Event held at the Century City Conference Centre on Wednesday morning, where he tackled the future of tourism in Cape Town.
In the speech Vos delivered, he tackled topics ranging from the recent announcement about e-Visa applications, and the upgrades that Cape Town International Airport is set to be implemented:
  • The Draft Tourism Development Framework (TDF) for Cape Town will be out for public participation during the first quarter of this year. The TDF aims to develop more community-based offerings that will enhance the existing experience for visitors. Our focus will be to create sustainable jobs in a depressed economic climate; to create new job opportunities; and to put measures in place to ensure long-term growth.
  • The upgrade of the Cape Town International Airport is most welcome. The airport has several key infrastructural projects planned which will result in a R7 billion investment over the next five years. With the 20% growth in international passenger numbers in 2017 and our plans to attract more flights, the upgrade could not have come at a more opportune time.
  • The new realigned runway will facilitate greater air access into Cape Town and the Western Cape as it will accommodate the growth of passenger and cargo traffic that is essential for tourism and economic activity. The runway project in itself is worth R3,93 billion of investment.
  • As a City, we welcome the announcement by the Honourable President Cyril Ramaphosa that e-Visa applications will be implemented to make the application process much easier, decreasing visa turnaround time and making it less stressful for visitors. Initiatives like these are required to unlock the full potential of the tourist market. With an increase in the demand for international travel worldwide, the key is to have effective systems that simplify the visa application process.
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