Don’t share #Dros rape video: government

South Africa

Government has asked that the public refrain from taking the law into their own hands after the rape of a 6 year old girl at a Dros restaurant in Pretoria.

On Thursday night, the South African government tweeted an appeal for the public to refrain from circulating a graphic video apparently showing the child’s alleged attacker being violently confronted at the restaurant. The bleeding man can be heard protesting his innocence and insisting that he was just using the toilet.
The government went on to say that it was outraged by the incident and that sharing the video was insensitive to the child and could impact negatively on the prosecution of her attacker.
The incident, which has shocked people across South Africa, took place in the toilet of the Dros restaurant in Silverton last Saturday.

The man reportedly preyed on the girl and later followed her to the toilet, where he raped her.


-The Citizen

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