Higher oil prices could hike up petrol price

South Africa

Johannesburg – Motorists should expect another petrol hike in April if the Russian-Ukraine conflict doesn’t stabilise.

On Wednesday, the price of both grades of petrol will increase by R1.46.

The diesel price will go up by at least R1.44 and paraffin users will be hard hit as the wholesale price jumps by R1.21.

The retail price will go up by as much as R1.61.

The inland price of unleaded 95 petrol is now the highest it has ever been at R21.60.

Diesel in Gauteng is at R19.48 per litre and paraffin is now R13.18 a litre.

There will be no usual levy increases in April. However, the rising cost of Brent Crude oil – which is up 5% today – could push the fuel price higher in April.

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