LinkedIn to launch a video broadcasting tool called LinkedIn Live


Microsoft is reportedly working on getting involved in live video streaming, via its social work-orientated app LinkedIn.

This is according to a report by Tech Crunch, which states that the company is launching a new LinkedIn Live service in beta form to its 600 million users, allowing people to live stream video content.

The focus for its Live video broadcasting tool will be curated specifically for businesses.

Content such as Q&As, events, conferences, earnings calls, awards ceremonies, product announcements, and more will be streamed.

The report went further to state that the beta program will first launch in the US and will be invite-only.

In coming weeks, LinkedIn will also post a contact form for others who want to get in on the action.

LinkedIn and Microsoft have yet to release an official comment on whether Azure presence in a country will serve as criteria for availability.

In SA, LinkedIn, has partnered with SA’s Youth Employment Service ( YES) to help tackle the challenge of South Africa’s unemployed youth.

YES is a business-led collaboration with government and labour to create one million work opportunities for young people.




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