#ValentinesDay: Single people share their likes and annoyances


Valentine’s Day is a day which predominantly caters to people in romantic relationships.

It’s one of the most prominent days of the year that has many people hyperaware about their relationship status, or lack thereof. Many couples openly declare their love for each other in person, and on social media.

Instead of speaking to couples to share their feelings on the day, we spoke to single people to find out their thoughts on Valentines Day:

Chelsea Tobias

As a single person Valentine’s Day is just another day, with the upcoming markdowns of Valentine’s Day chocolates to look forward to. I’m not bitter about the day existing because it’s pretty easy to avoid it if stuff like that upsets you. I don’t think it’s a day we necessarily need but if it’s a day that makes people happy then I don’t feel like we need to stop celebrating it.

Walter Hayward

1) Valentine’s Day advertising gets shoved down our throats every year and makes me resent this capitalist society.
2) Valentine’s Day is like a reminder that you’re single, but it’s also a reminder that you don’t have to spend money on anyone, which is great.
3) Overall, I think it’s a great idea to have a day where you treat your lover, but shouldn’t that be every day though?

Olwethu-Thando Klaas

I’d love to celebrate it romantically, but in an entirely meaningful way, which isn’t forced. I have seen too much money spent on tacky, forced experiences. I’d rather order-in and get sh*t-faced, while trashing terrible low-budget movie classics – whether I’m couchpotating solo, or with another person.


A vendor shows heart-shaped cushions with proclamations of love that he is selling for 1 euro ($1.30) each ahead of Valentine’s Day in the central Bosnian town of Zenica. Photo: Reuters


Juan Swanepoel

So Valentines Day is like a two for one for me. It makes me feel alone and not good enough. But it also makes me happy and gives me hope to see so much love out there.

Caryn Solomon

I think Valentine’s Day is a perfect excuse to celebrate love in whatever form. For me, it’s a chance to celebrate my family and friends, and to wait until the 15th for chocolates to go on sale.

Lucinda D

Valentine’s Day makes me feel sad when I’m single, because I feel under pressure to have someone to celebrate it with – and not a fellow singleton, but a romantic partner. I personally don’t buy into the Valentine’s Day craze, but because everyone else around me does, they always crack jokes about how I’m going to cry into my pillow.

I do cry into my pillow, but out of pity for those in relationships, as this is usually the only day they actually spoil their partners beside birthdays and anniversaries. You shouldn’t only spoil your partner on this day, but every single day of the relationship.


Cape Argus

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