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The mother of a learner who was slapped by a teacher at Sans Souci Girls’ High hopes her daughter won’t now be victimised.

A video on social media shows the 16-year old’s teacher smacking her in the face in a full classroom.

The girl’s mother has opened a criminal complaint of assault, while the teacher has also laid a complaint with police against the learner.

The school governing body is investigating the incident, while the mother has taken a more serious step by turning to the police.

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The mother said she’s hoping her child can return to school on Thursday without any trouble.

“I’m hoping there’s no victimisation or anything that’s going to take place, I’m trusting that.”

On Wednesday, some students protested at the school in support of the teacher.

But the mother said her daughter is doing fine: “It’s not easy, but I feel that we will overcome this, we will get through this. She’s trying, she’s a strong girl, she will get over this.”

It’s not yet clear what steps the school will take against the teacher and the learner.

Article sourced from Eyewitness News

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