NBA: JR Smith reunited with LeBron James at LA Lakers for rest of season


USA – Free agents guard JR Smith has been reunited with LeBron James at the LA Lakers for the rest of the season. ‘

34-year-old Smith and James, 35, were NBA champions with Cleveland Cavaliers in 2016.

NBA team are set to travel to Orlando to begin training camps from 7 July before the season resumes at Disney World on 30 July.

“This guy is a big-time player,” said Lakers coach Frank Vogel. “He’s proven it over the course of his career.”

Smith hasn’t been playing in the NBA since he left the Cavaliers in November 2018. His last full season was in 2017-2018 when the team lost to the Golden State Warriors in the NBA finals, which was also James’ last season before joining the Lakers.

In the first game of that series, Smith lost track of the score and ran down the clock instead of attempting a game-winning shot, with the Cavaliers losing in overtime.

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