Polygamy and gay marriage welcome: Church makes U-turn


The Southern Synod of the Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa (URCSA) says it has taken a decision to marry members of the LGBTIQ community and ordain those who wish to become ministers.

“The Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa has for a long time discussed a history of homosexuality but without deciding on marriage and ordination‚” the church said in a statement.

The church said the decision to marry and ordain gays was not an easy one as they had to consider the bible.

“The Southern synod decided that homosexual persons are members of URCSA and must enjoy full rights like marriage and ordination.”

The synod also took a decision to remove the stipulation on polygamy that classified it as heathenism.

“The synod felt that the stipulation was discriminatory and it assumes ‘heathenism’ and conversion which was biased.”


-Times Live

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