Prince Kaybee: ‘Sometimes your parents are grateful you didn’t listen to them to give up on your dreams’


Johannesburg – Club DJ and hitmaker Prince Kaybee has advised fans to keep pushing to achieve their dreams and to never listen to naysayers, even if they are family members.

Taking to social media, the DJ said sometimes pursuing your dreams might not make sense to your parents, but the belief you have in yourself is all that matters.

He said at times parents were the ones who don’t understand why you’re chasing your dreams until those dreams end up “paying their bills”.

Kaybee went on to drop more pearls of wisdom, saying “it takes a very strong character to endure suffering” and no matter what, to always keep moving.

During an interview on Metro FM, he once recounted hot he got a girl pregnant and had to drop out of school. He said the pressure of being at home led him to leaving the streets of Bloemfontein.

“I had to leave [home] after dropping out in Grade 11. I was very rebellious and my mom couldn’t afford my fees at the same time. I got a girl pregnant the same year. Everything was happening. Everything was a mess.

“I was so embarrassed at how my mom would speak to me sometimes about incomes of the house and contributing financially. So, I decided I needed to stop being that guy sitting on the couch, I needed to do something with my life. I left for three years. She didn’t see me for three years.”

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