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In 2017, the following were the most popular international destinations:

  1. France
    2. Spain
    3. USA
    4. China
    5. Italy
    6. Mexico
    7. UK
    8. Turkey
    9. Germany
    10. Thailand

France, Spain and USA were the most popular tourist destinations. 2017 recorded an increase in international tourist arrivals from the previous year by 7%.

Figures released by United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), show that International tourist spending also reached $1.6 trillion in 2017 leading to it becoming the world’s third largest export sector.

The medieval walled city of Cuenca in Spain. Picture: iStock

Making it the highest increase since 2010. This is the highest growth recorded so far and it was led by Europe followed by Africa. Under international tourism receipts, the USA tops by a big margin of $210.7 billion, followed by Spain with a margin of  $68 billion and France at $60.7 billion. The leading country in outbound travel is China recording  $258 billion on international tourism in 2017.


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