President Cyril Ramaphosa has called on young professionals in KwaZulu-Natal to continue coming up with business ideas, saying that the government will pledge its support.

This was after a young professionals group complained that the government had failed them.

The president engaged the group in Durban on Wednesday night.

Young professionals in KwaZulu-Natal explained their problems to President Cyril Ramaposa.

“We’re finding it extremely hard to come out of college and then get a job. So, we want to make employment for ourselves but we still find obstacles when it comes to funding. Also, the none payment of business people and sometimes I wait six months to be paid.

“We wish the age of employment retirement can be reduced to 50 years of age so that young people can be afforded the opportunity.”

The president promised them that the government would look into  their concerns.

“Come up with a good idea and the government will support because as government our job must be to be enablers.”

The president also announced that the government wants to have another investment conference this year.

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