Stage one water restrictions reminder

South Africa

Just as South Africans get a reprieve from electricity load-shedding, the City of Johannesburg is reminding residents about stage one water restrictions.

The Vaal Dam, which is the main supplier of water to the city, is currently below 70-percent of capacity and that’s ahead of winter, which is a dry season.

Environmental science expert, Kevin Winter said climate change is one of the factors that’s contributed to lower dam levels.

“There is a very definite driver of climate change and weather variability that is a factor but is not the only factor,” said Winter.

“Our concern is not only about how we adapt to these changes but also how we deal with infrastructure that needs much greater investment.

“The Department of Water and Sanitation is only working effectively with half the amount that it needs.

“It is only working with about R15-billion in its budget but actually needs R30-billion every year for the next ten years in order to avert some of the disaster that has been forecast for 2030.”

Source – eNCA

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