You don’t have to insert your card at some FNB ATMs any more – here’s how it works


First National Bank (FNB) has launched a new  feature – “tap and pin”  on portable ATMs at retail stores and spaza shops across the country, and says the system will be available on half of its ATMs by the end 2019.

The new system uses near-field communication (NFC) to detect cards and allows customers to withdraw money and perform other transactions without having to insert a card into the machine.

Approximately 100 of these type of ATMs have already been placed in stores across the country.

And by the close of 2019,  FNB hopes to have tap-and-pin available at half of its ATMs, Wesley Pretorius, FNB’s head of self-service delivery, tells Business Insider South Africa.

“The whole bank’s strategy is to make banking better, smarter and more convenient,” he says. Customers not putting their cards into a machine makes it harder to lose them, or have them stolen in a scam.

The system allows customers to withdraw money in 20 seconds flat, as was discovered during tests run on it.

Here’s how it works.

Hold your contactless FNB card over the NFC device, and wait for the ATM to acknowledge it.


You are prompted to enter your pin, and can transact as usual, withdrawing cash in our case.



The system works with any contactless FNB card.

Unlike some tap-and-go credit card transactions at stores, any transaction, even a R50 withdrawal, requires a pin, so customers can rest assured of their security, says Pretorius.


Article sourced from Business Insider

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